Last Update 12 July 2019

Our organisation has been involved with, and supported Disability Sport Events for eighteen years, raising in excess of £200,000 during this time to support these championships.

The DSE Junior Athletics is an important part of our annual calendar of fundraising activities and all of the Lions who have attended on a regular basis count this event as one of their most memorable experiences. Together we now look forward to another wonderful weekend of sport.

Let me also tell you about some of the other programmes we as Lions develop and the projects we instigate not only throughout Great Britain and Ireland but also throughout the world.

Visual Impairment Lions Clubs International is recognised worldwide for its service to the blind and visually impaired.  It is a well know fact that Lions Clubs International introduced the White Cane back in 1930, which is still widely used today.

Lions operate the Sight First Programme, the world’s largest blindness prevention programme with the aim of establishing long-term solutions for eliminating preventable and reversible blindness throughout the world.


Youth Lions Clubs across the British Isles and Ireland support young people by recognising their efforts and providing them with opportunities to learn, achieve and grow. Leos are young people aged between 14 and 28 years.  Leo stands for Leadership, Experience and Opportunities for young people from all backgrounds, races and religions.  The Lions of the British Isles and Ireland are actively engaged in supporting the youth of our country, through programmes on education in the fields of drug and alcohol abuse.

Community Across the British Isles and Ireland, Lions Clubs work in partnership with and support a wide range of organisations active in the community, including, Disability Sport Events, Special Olympics, organisations which work with children and people with Physical & Learning Disabilities. Organisations which cover Diabetes UK, Diabetes Federation of Ireland, Guide Dogs for the Blind, Hearing Dogs for Deaf people.

International Aid Through Lions Clubs International Foundation, Lions contributes to disaster funds throughout the world, and works in partnership with UNICEF, WHO, and UNESCO to provide world-wide aid.  The Gift for Living initiative provides help and medical aid of people who have been in disasters.

Lions Clubs International was recently voted the number one Non-Governmental Organisation by both the Financial Times and the United Nations. It is a Caring Voluntary Organisation. Lions are dedicated to selfless, effective community services within their global and local communities. Every single penny we collect goes directly to needy causes. All overheads are paid for by members subscriptions.