Last Update 02 August 2018

The District Newsletters are in PDF format. To enable you to view them you will need to have a PDF reader installed on your system.
You can download Acrobat Reader for free from the Adobe Web site, using this link  
Under ‘Downloads’, on the RHS of the window, select ‘Adobe Reader DC’, and follow the resulting instructions. Remember to un tick ‘Install Google Chrome’ and ‘Make Google Chrome my default Browser, unless you really want them.
When the appropriate window opens, choose ‘Run’, rather than ‘Save’, so that the Reader will install immediately.  
I strongly recommend  that you only download the reader from the Adobe site.

In the list below, I have included the approximate file sizes to enable you to judge how  long the file will take to download on your connection.
Click on the appropriate link to view the Newsletter.
Right click the required link and then click on ‘Save Target As’ to save the newsletter to your PC
In the interest of security and data protection,
personal details, such as Directory change notices, will be removed from the
web version of the Newsletter.





MARCH  2018

4.3 MB

MAY 2018

1.5 MB

APRIL 2018

6.5 MB

JUNE  2018

7.7 MB